Plastic Surgery and Medical Malpractice in Greece.

plastic surgery

The aim of plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, or cosmetic surgery is to make you look and feel better. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. There are cases where the surgeons, anesthesiologists, or nurses have made serious mistakes leaving the patient with scarring, disfigurement, blood clots, infections, or even death.

Plastic surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, or reconstructive surgeries are performed for a variety of different reasons. They are performed to repair a congenital or birth defect, reconstruct a body part after cancer removal, or for esthetic purposes. Some of the more common reconstructive or plastic surgeries are

  • Botox injections,
  • laser hair removal,
  • liposuction,
  • breast augmentation,
  • abdominoplasty or tummy tuck,
  • blepharoplasty or eye lift,
  • rhinoplasty or nose job,
  • rhytidectomy or face lift,
  • forehead lift,
  • chin or neck lift, and
  • gynecomastia or removal of excessive breast tissue in men.

Risks in Plastic, Reconstructive SurgeryEvery surgical procedure, especially plastic or reconstructive surgery, can carry certain risks. It is the surgeon's responsibility to make sure that the patient is aware of all the risks prior to performing the surgery. Some common risks are bleeding, infection, scarring, contractures, blood clots, pneumonia, medications reactions, and scar tissue formation. Regardless of how minor or major the risks are, it is the surgeon's responsibility to inform the patient so an informed decision can be made prior to consenting to any surgical procedure.

In addition to the risks mentioned above, there are other risks depending on the type of plastic surgery that is going to be performed.

The following is a list of additional problems that could occur during plastic or reconstructive surgery:


Medication error

Lidocaine overdose

Too much tissue removed

Not enough tissue removed

Prolonged sedation

Prolonged surgery


Damage to nerves

Damage to arteries or veins

Drooping eyelids

Unable to close eyes

Unable to raise eyebrows or show facial expressions

Asymmetry or one side of the body does not match the other side

Blistering or burning of the skin

Inadequate post-operative management

Blood clots to lungs or pulmonary emboli

Nipple disfigurement in breast reconstruction

Uneven nipples

Wrong size breast implant
Due to our experience, apart from our permanent legal associates in Athens, lawyers from across the country and Cyprus cooperate with us in medical negligence.
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