Medical Malpractice in Greece: Delayed Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer diagnosis
The Medical code of conduct imposes the thorough examination of the patient and requires taking all measures to clarify any suspicions of a serious illness.

Cancer is the disease with the most victims in Greece. The evolution of research has succeeded in treating many types of cancer, if diagnosed early. The timing of the diagnosis is very important. There are cases where doctors do not recognize correctly the symptoms, do not undertake the necessary laboratory tests and basically don't make a proper diagnosis, with this delay leading to increased treatment costs, increased pain, irreversible damage and in some cases even the death of the patient.

So in the case of testicular cancer, they perceive it as an infection and prescribe antibiotics, delaying surgery which in combination with radiation therapy or chemotherapy could heal it.

The same happens with skin cancer. Dermatologists must control these cases meticulously.

There are cases of cancer of the prostate, tumors in head, breast cancer or colon cancer where diagnosis is made very late. When this happens, the vast majority of patients continue to suffer until they go to another doctor who makes the correct diagnosis.

If the correct diagnosis was made earlier, it may have not had spread, or metastasized, or it has developed to be less aggressive and easier treated. No patient and the relatives should be found in such a position.

We must clarify that the quality of medical diagnosis in Greece is of the highest standards and that all wrong diagnoses do not automatically mean that medical malpractice has taken place. It must be demonstrated that the doctor did not apply the skill or diligence expected of a prudent person who has the official qualifications for the exercise of the medical profession.

The final judgment will be made by our experts who will examine impartially the subtleties and small but important details that would support your case to a legal claim. For that purpose, it is very important to have a very detailed record of the evidence available and equally important to get to us as soon as possible.

Due to our expertise, in addition to our permanent legal associates in Athens, lawyers from all over the country and Cyprus collaborate with us in cases of medical errors.

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In case that, due to the accident you cannot move, a partner of All Accidents can meet you on the location you will indicate, at home or at a medical or rehabilitation facility.

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