Accidents on Holidays

broken leg at pool

Holiday Accidents.

With so many of us living, working and taking vacations abroad it is not at all surprising that more and more people need our services abroad.

How many times have you heard of horror stories during the holidays: from defective cars and rental motorcycles to food poisoning and much worse cases. These experiences can ruin your vacation, have as a   consequence injury, pain, and in far worse circumstances death. Fact is, that travel agents and local travel offices have the obligation to provide a safe and healthy environment in which to spend your vacation. However, various problems can occur at their facilities.

From transportation to and from the airport, the food at the hotel, the hotel's facilities and excursions, everywhere should be ensured that the chances for accidents are minimized. People pay a lot of money, but even if it is low budget holidays, health and safety regulations must be followed.

Why entrust All Accidents with your case:
Our philosophy is to offer more and therefore help you claim more.
Our expert partners have extensive experience in accident cases, having participated in hundreds of claims and recoveries.
In addition, our medical partners have checked in practice and identified those external experts who apart from specialized support in a court, are able to advise or undertake the restoration of the damage. Part of the cooperation with us is the continuous advisory/monitoring of the medical evolution of the person hurt, in direct contact with the relevant physicians.

In case that due to the accident you cannot move, a partner of All Accidents can meet you on the location you will indicate, at home or at a medical or rehabilitation facility.
Whatever the cause of the accident may be, resulting in injury or even in death, you can call today at +30 210 7212175 or at +30 6983 077459 for a professional advice.

We operate under the principle of payNOfee® : there is no fee or expenses to be paid during our initial examination of your case. Actually, you can even pay us at the final settlement of your claim!! Find out more here.
All Accidents will immediately begin investigating the circumstances surrounding your accident and build a strong base for the satisfaction of your claim.


Below is a list of some types of holiday accidents that we can manage, due to another person’s fault:

Accident on plane

Illness from poor sanitation of the hotel

Fall from balcony

Boats & Cruises ships

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Collapse of furniture

Injuries during excursions

Renting of a badly serviced or maintained car or motorcycle

Food poisoning

Slips, trips or falls

Accidents in the pool

During Watersports



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