Car accidents in Greece

car accident

You may be driver, passenger or pedestrian, on a car, truck, bicycle or motorcycle. Independently whether the vehicle was insured or not, with Greek or foreign plates.

The consequences of an accident can be dramatic for the victim and those around him/her. Although the basic principles apply to all kinds of traffic accidents, each mode of transport has its particular features: for example car drivers read or send SMS messages, motorcycles have car doors opening suddenly in front of them and often bicycles move on sidewalks.

Each case is unique, as unique is the required handling.

Victim of road accident in Greece?

The management of a road accident has many dimensions. All are interlinked and absolutely excellent performance in each is required in order to achieve the maximum outcome.

The Medical dimension.

The medical dimension should support in a systematic, detailed, authoritative and persuasive manner that the actions taken were necessary and effective for the condition of the victim. When and how one should contact the doctors that take care the patient and what points should be recorded and pointed out in details require experience and deep knowledge of medicine, especially forensic. For example, future implications, disability degrees or need of specialized treatments and interventions should be supported technically and ideally by the physician who first took care of the injured.
The medical dimension should also cover the needed advice in the selection of the steps for the recovery of the patient and the psychological support of his/her loved ones. In the case of a tragic death of a car accident the medical need is to investigate and irrefutably define the causes of death. There are many cases where the side of the defense assign specific weight to the medical history of the victim in order to avoid or reduce the compensation.

The Legal Dimension.

The legal dimension covers the proper investigation of relevant previous verdicts in Greece at First Instance, the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court, cases which are as close as possible to the specific conditions of the road accident and their connection or their differentiation, during the legal documentation and claim. A similar preparation will be done by
the insurance lawyers who often have extensive experience in these matters. The debate requires a high level of efficiency and inexperience or experiments should be avoided. The lawyers however have the obligation to coordinate all that are involved in the case either in the negotiation of an out of court settlement or in front of the court. They should be able to escape from the
narrow legal procedural philosophy and communication and to approach the road accident victim and the relatives with understanding and sensitivity.
Everything must be done effectively, fast but also with respect for the people.
If there are any questions they should be explained in an simple way, without giving non-existent hopes, and should be readily available when there are either developments in the case or questions.

The Technical dimension.

Each case has sides that render crucial the role of a technical expert. What was the status of the light at the point where the
incident took place at night, with what speed did the vehicles moved, what were the road conditions as regards slip or gradient, what were the technical condition of vehicles or what was the level of protection provided by a specific helmet are some indicative questions that an experienced technician expert may investigate and present to a court. In cooperation with the legal team he can make a convincing presentation of facts that will make the argumentation well documented and undoubtable.

The way you will manage an accident depends entirely on your choice of your partners. It is certain that you will be reached by many, acquaintances or strangers, directly or through intermediaries, in not always transparent ways, promising much and mainly high compensations. Do not decide hastily, inquire and listen to more than one. The fact is that the sooner the
assigned expert team moves the more accurate data will be collected and the better will be the evidence. That is why your partner must be available 24 hours a day and the meeting should take place immediately.


The legal management of traffic accident

It is an undeniable fact, that traffic accidents are for all over the World and in the European Community, and a fortiori for Greece, a major National and Social problem that requires immediate handling, since it is estimated that road accidents are the third leading cause of death worldwide. Greece, unfortunately, has a high rate of road accidents. Each year, about
2,500 people are killed in road accidents and more than 30,000 are injured seriously or lightly. Violation of the rules of the Greek Highway Code (KOK) is the most common cause of traffic accidents, resulting in property damage, personal injury, or in some cases in the death of the victim. For this reason, the Greek State has established a set of legal rules, which apply in the event of an accident and which give the opportunity to the victim on the one hand to seek punishment of the offender (the criminal proceedings) in case of injury (or victim's relatives in case death of the victim) and then to claim civil damages (civil procedure) for all the damage suffered, but also for the restoration of moral damage in case of injury (or mental suffering in the case of death).

Important role in achieving the best possible result, either in the criminal proceedings, or certainly in the civil procedure is definition in a scientific and valid manner, of the circumstances of the accident, of any physical damage that has occurred since the accident, their extent and possible future effects on the victim's health.


The one who causes a traffic accident faces, in case of injury or death of the victim, criminal sanctions. Indeed according to the
criminal law, traffic accident constitutes a criminal act, since it leads to the infringement of the most valuable legal right, that is the human life and health. According to Article 302 of the Penal Code (Law 1492/1950) "Whoever brings negligent death of another shall be punished with imprisonment of at least three months.", While under Article 314 of the Penal Code (N1492 /
1950) "Whoever recklessly causes physical injury or harm to the health of another shall be punished with imprisonment up to three years. If the injury caused is quite light, staying in prison for up to three (3) months or a fine of up to three thousand (3,000) euro are imposed. " The Greek State that is, entitles the victim of a traffic accident to turn against the person who caused the accident and seek the punishment of the offender. In the case of the victim's death this right is passed to the heirs of the victim.


We firstly need to separate the cases of traffic accident with no injuries from those with death and/or injury. In the first case the law gives the right to the victim to claim compensation for restoration of material damage caused to him/her due to the accident. In the case of injury a right to claim is given to the victim, through lawsuit, for the material damage suffered
(vehicle recovery, hospitalizations, treatment costs, etc.) and the right to satisfaction due to moral suffering. In case of death, the right of restoration for material damage is transferred to the heirs of the victim, who acquire the right to restore their mental anguish and grief which was a result of the death of their relative. The most important parameter to enable beneficiaries to establish comprehensively their claims, is the collection and recording of the real facts of the accident, the correct description of the damage or the injury if the case of injury, its severity, and the future assessed consequences, and in the case of death the complete forensic description of the causes of death and the link to the circumstances of the accident. In that way, excellent support of legal work is achieved in order to be able to claim the maximum on behalf of those who are eligible.
Achieving this goal is our goal. This is the goal we have and we achieve it!

Why entrust All Accidents with your case:
Our philosophy is to offer more and claim more.
Our expert partners have extensive experience in accident cases, having participated in hundreds of claims and recoveries.
An additional asset of our medical partners is the fact that they have checked in practice and identified those external experts who apart from specialized support in a court, are able to advise or undertake the restoration of the damage. Part of the cooperation with us is the continuous advisory/monitoring of the medical evolution of the person hurt, in direct contact with the relevant physicians.

Do not agree to anything before talking to us.
Insurance companies, in their effort to minimize the compensation you deserve may try various ways of approaching you through "very friendly" intermediaries like lawyers, claim managers or social workers.
Your interests are, however, in complete contrast with theirs. Do not agree to anything unless you receive an advice from us. Our specialist will examine and propose without any commitment from your side how to support you best to maximize your satisfaction. Even if you agree formally on something and your medical condition worsens, there may be ways to re-negotiate but it will be more difficult.

In case that, due to the accident you cannot move, a partner of All Accidents can meet you on the location you will indicate, at home or at a medical or rehabilitation facility.
Whatever the cause of the accident may be, resulting in injury or even in death, you can call today at +30 210 7212175 or at +30 6983 077459 for a professional advice.

We operate under the principle of payNOfee®: there is no fee or expenses to be paid during our initial examination of your case. Actually, you can even pay us at the final settlement of your claim!! Find out more here.
All Accidents will immediately begin investigating the circumstances surrounding your accident and build a strong base for the satisfaction of your claim.

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