Slip & Fall in Greece

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Accidents from slipping and falling are a phenomenon with hundreds of cases each year. Many victims suffer serious injuries that may even to lead to wrongful death. Dark stairs, wet floors and poorly protected sites can often have devastating effects.
All companies have the obligation to ensure that whoever visits their facilities are not at risk of injury, whether they may be public, customers or employees from other companies. The same is true for homeowners, for those who are found on their property. If it can be shown that there has been insufficient implementation of Hygiene and Safety's provisions or that the property owner was negligent and knew or should have known about the dangerous or defective condition which caused the slip or fall, then someone can very well be entitled to get compensation.
Liability may also occur for those state officials responsible to ensure that all sidewalks, streets and public areas are well maintained to avoid accidents.
Important elements which may prove decisive in achieving compensation for the accident that you suffered, is the collection of evidence, such as:
• Photos. Take photos of the scene of the accident, the clothes and shoes and any bruises, cuts, scrapes, stitches or plaster to substantiate your injury.
• Witnesses. If there were witnesses to the fall, try to get their name, address and telephone number.
• Accident report. If your injury happened in a store, Department store or Supermarket, make sure to file a formal protest, for the accident. You can do this by asking the manager or administrator. If you are able, please make sure before you leave, you have received a copy of the accident report.
• Evidence. We recommend that you save the item that caused your fall. If you cannot take photos or to receive any acknowledgement, a partner of All Accidents will gain as much information as possible. However, please keep in mind that acquiring information hours, days, weeks or even months after an accident scene which has been cleaned or when your injuries have been healed is much more difficult. If your medical history documents your injuries, additional photos and statements will be valuable element of proof in front of the Court.
Each slip and fall accident is unique therefore someone who has experience in the subject can make a difference.

Why entrust All Accidents with your case:
Our philosophy is to offer more and therefore you can claim more.
Our expert partners have extensive experience in accident cases, having participated in hundreds of claims and recoveries.
In addition, our medical partners have checked in practice and identified those external experts who apart from specialized support in a court, are able to advise or undertake the restoration of the damage. Part of the cooperation with us is the continuous advisory/monitoring of the medical evolution of the person hurt, in direct contact with the relevant physicians.
In case that due to the accident you cannot move, a partner of All Accidents can meet you on the location you will indicate, at home or at a medical or rehabilitation facility.
Whatever the cause of the accident may be, resulting in injury or even in death, you can call today at +30 210 7212175 or at +30 6983 077459 for a professional advice. We operate on the principle of No Win, No Pay, so you do not undertake any commitment!
All Accidents will immediately begin investigating the circumstances surrounding your accident and build a strong base for the satisfaction of your claim.


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