Medical error in Greece due to wrong diagnosis

wrong diagnosis

Irreparable damage in the hands of professionals who you trust.

Imagine the irreparable harm that arises when a patient goes to the Emergency Department with symptoms such as chest pain and shortness of breath because it suffers from a heart attack, but the medical staff did not timely make the correct diagnosis. Every second that the patient's heart is not getting oxygen, the damage becomes more permanent.

It is not only heart attacks which might not be correctly and timely diagnosed. It can happen in other diseases, such as various cases of cancer, strokes, depression, meningitis, brain tumors, infections and hundreds of other medical problems. Months may pass by and the patient continues to feel worse. Finally, another doctor makes the correct diagnosis.

How misdiagnosis can be possible?

There are often times when a patient has all the risk factors for a certain disease, such as having a family history and the presence of genes of breast cancer/ovarian, and yet when the patient presents associated symptoms, the disease is not diagnosed. It's hard to comprehend that this really happens, but it happens. Sometimes tests or scans are not read correctly, or may medical history is not taken thoroughly, or often the doctor failed to connect the pieces of the puzzle. Regardless of the reason, patients should not have prolonged grief because of their doctor's negligence.

Cases of wrong or delayed diagnosis can be very complex and require highly experienced physicians, coroners and lawyers who have dealt extensively with medical malpractice.

We must clarify that the quality of medical diagnoses in Greece is of the highest standards and that all wrong diagnoses do not automatically linked with medical negligence. It must be demonstrated that the doctor did not exercise the skill or diligence expected of a prudent person equipped with the qualifications to exercise of the medical profession. The final judgment will be made by our experts who will examine impartially the subtleties and small but important details that would support your case for a legal claim. For that reason it is very important to have most thoroughly documented the available supporting data and it is equally important to come to us as soon as possible to look at your case.
Due to our experience, apart from our permanent legal associates in Athens, lawyers from across the country and Cyprus cooperate with us in medical negligence.
Why entrust All Accidents with your case:
Our philosophy is to offer more and therefore you can claim more.
Our expert partners have extensive experience in accident cases, having participated in hundreds of claims and recoveries in Athens and as well as in other cities in Greece. More about our philosophy and our experts are found at our page "The Company".
An additional asset of our medical partners is the fact that they have checked in practice and identified those external experts who apart from specialized support in a court, are able to advise or undertake the restoration of the damage. Part of the cooperation with us is the continuous advisory/monitoring of the medical evolution of the person hurt, in direct contact with the relevant physicians.
Do not agree to anything before talking to us.
Insurance companies, in their effort to minimize the compensation you deserve may try various ways of approaching you through "very friendly" intermediaries like lawyers, claim managers or social workers.
Your interests are, however, in complete contrast with theirs. Do not agree to anything unless you receive an advice from us. Our specialist will examine and propose without any commitment from your side how to support you best to maximize your satisfaction. Even if you agree formally on something and your medical condition worsens, there may be ways to re-negotiate but it will be more difficult.

In case that, due to the accident you cannot move, a partner of All Accidents can meet you on the location you will indicate, at home or at a medical or rehabilitation facility.
Whatever the cause of the accident may be, resulting in injury or even in death, you can call today at +30 210 7212175 or at +30 6983 077459 for a professional advice. We operate on the principle of No Win, No Pay, so you do not undertake any commitment!
All Accidents will immediately begin investigating the circumstances surrounding your accident and build a strong base for the satisfaction of your claim.


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